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Sambac Noir : The Beauty impermanence

All of us have read thrilling stories in which the hero had only a limited and specified time to live. Sometimes it was a long as a year; sometimes as short as twenty-four hours, but always we were interested in discovering how the doomed man chose to spend this last days of this last hours.

Such stories set us thinking, wondering what we should do under similar circumstances. What associations should we crowd into those last hours as mortal beings?

Sambac Noir is the interpretation of happiness through impermanence. Its like you have spent a full week painstakingly working on a beautiful work of art, and now it’s all being thrown in the river, what would you do? Sambac Noir show us that nothing can last forever, no one can escape death and happiness. If people expect only happiness in live, they will be disappointed.

Sambac Noir has a complex smell of being Warmth and Jasmine blooming at the same time. Wonderfully sweet coumarinic with a pulsating heart of jasminum Sambac and amber command the signature of the base.

Top notes :
Cardamom absolut
Black pepper

Hear notes :
Sambac jasmine
Super hedione
Smoky tea

Base notes :
Feve tonka
Sensual amber
Sambac jasmine


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